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Terms and Conditions for participating in the event

<For participating in the event>

This event is not a race but a fun ride where participants can enjoy cycling. No special traffic restrictions are imposed on the cycling courses on the day of the event; therefore, we would ask participants to follow the instructions of the cycling leaders and comply with basic traffic rules. We would also ask participants to comply with the terms and conditions of the event and ride safely.
·Participants are not allowed to ride alone on the course. Always ride as a group.
·The following acts are illegal and dangerous and are prohibited.
 ・Riding side by side
 ・Riding with both hands off the handle bar
 ・Excessive speed (especially when riding downhill)
 ・Riding in the middle of the road (especially at curves)
 ・Unnecessarily overtaking
 ・Other dangerous acts
* As the above acts were identified in the event conducted last year, we receive guidance from the police.
* Please note that participants who fail to follow the directions of cycling leaders and violate the rules may be asked to leave the course.

<Terms and Conditions of the Cycling Event and Notices>

Terms and Conditions
1. This Event is a cycling event where participants ride bicycles on local roads at their own risk.
2.   No special traffic restrictions are imposed on the cycling courses used in this event; therefore, participants in each group must follow the directions of accompanying cycling leaders (pacemakers) and traffic control staff and comply with the traffic signals, signs, and laws and regulations as they ride in a line on the left side of the road.
3.   Eligible participants for the Kenkyaku Courses intended for junior high school students or older and the Family Course intended for primary school students or older are healthy males and females with suffcient strength to complete each course within the prescribed time limit.
*However, For those who are under the age of 20, the consent of the parent or other legal guardian is required.
4.   This event is not a race. Cycling leaders accompany participants as a pace maker. Please do not overtake and pass the cycling leaders.
5.   Time limits are set for several locations on the course. Participants who exceed the time limit at each location will be withdrawn from the event.
6.   Participants who do not comply with the rules and continue violating rules even after receiving a warning from staff may be asked to leave the course and withdraw from the event.
7.   Participants can ride while maintaining a certain distance in each group; however, do not ride side by side at any time and comply with the rule to ride in a line on the left side of the road. Please refrain from changing the person riding at the front of the line within the group. In addition, participants are recommended to maintain a distance of about 5 m from the bicycle ahead in order to avoid accidents due to unforeseen circumstances such as a sudden braking.
8.   In order to ensure safety, guide signs and traffic control staff are located throughout the course. Be sure to follow the signs and directions of traffic control staff.
9.   Be sure to wear a bicycle helmet and gloves.
10.   Be sure to install a bell and reflector on your bicycle.
11.   Family members may not accompany the participants in vehicles because doing so is dangerous and will disrupt regular traffic.
12.   If you wish to withdraw from the cycling event due to fatigue, be sure to inform a security guard. If you cannot find support staff or traffic control staff, please contact the Secretariat. A rescue vehicle or support staff is available at the very end of the cycling line.
Shape and Equipment of Bicycle
All types of bicycles are allowed if they are legally permitted on public roads; however, the following conditions shall be met.
(Tandem bicycles and riding double are prohibited.) ・Bicycles allowed on public roads based on traffic rules and regulations.
・Bicycles built for one person and equipped with front and rear brakes.
・Please remove the DH bar before participating in the event.
・Please have your bicycle inspected at a cycle shop before the event.
*No inspection services are available at the event site on the day of the event.
<Clothing and Accessories>
Wear a bicycle helmet and gloves to prevent injury if you fall during the ride. In addition, participants are advised to wear a pair of sport sunglasses.
Rules for participants during the ride.
<Riding a bicycle safely>
Please comply with the traffic rules when riding a bicycle on the course and ride in a line on the left side of the road. Road conditions vary depending on circumstances, such as road work, erosion, and damage.
Participants may be asked to get off and walk their bicycles if they are directed to do so by signs and traffic control staff. Participants should be responsible to ensure their own safety while riding a bicycle.
<Check if there are any bicycles behind you using your eyes and ears.>
Please watch out for bicycles behind you. Please check if there are any bicycles behind you using your eyes and ears.
<Temporary stop on the course>
If you wish to stop temporarily on the course, do so safely by giving a hand signal to cyclists behind you to indicate you are going to stop and then slowly stop at the side of the road and move to a safe place.
<Number Tag>
Numbers printed on number tags are individual registration numbers of participants.
Be sure to wear a number tag so that staff can verify the identity of participants.
Guiding participants throughout the course
<Guides for the cycling course>
Cycling leaders will set the pace in order to ensure safety and provide guidance to participants throughout the route. In addition, there are guide signboards and traffic control staff along the course.
*However, we cannot provide support for traffic safety; accordingly, participants are responsible for confirming traffic safety on their own during cycling.
<If you fall behind the group>
If you fall behind the group, please follow the instructions of support staff or traffic control staff to continue cycling.
<Be very careful when riding through intersections>
Be very careful when cycling through intersections; please cooperate to ensure the smooth flow of car and bicycle traffic. Moreover, please yield to pedestrians crossing the road.
<Two-Stage Right Turn>
Please make a two-stage right turn at intersections where such turns are required by traffic laws and regulations. Moreover, please do the same when necessary as directed by the hosts.
Accidents and injuries on the ride If you are involved in an accident or are injured or witness such scenes, be sure to inform support staff or traffic control staff. If you cannot find support staff or traffic control staff, please contact the Secretariat.
* In an emergency, call the 110 or 119 emergency numbers yourself.
Please write your emergency contact number on the application form for use in emergencies. Bring your health insurance card.
Insurance We take out the property and casualty insurance for participants.
Insurance proceeds are as follows. 5.75 million yen for death, 172.5 thousand yen to 5.75 million yen for permanent disability, 3,000 yen for daily coverage for hospitalization, and 1,500 yen for daily coverage for hospital visits (tentative).
(Participants shall be responsible for medical and other expenses.)
If you need further coverage, please take out additional insurance yourself.
For participants who take out insurance themselves, the traffic accident certificate issued by the police is required depending on insurance types.
Trash No littering is allowed. Please take your litter home or put it in any litter bin at the starting point, each aid location, and the finish point. We would appreciate your cooperation in keeping the environment beautiful.
Broken Bicycles If get a flat or your bicycle breaks down, stop safely to repair punctured tire or bicycle; however, if you cannot repair them yourself, ask support staff on the course for instructions. In principle, participants must repair their bicycles (such as repairing a punctured tire) to participate in the event. Be sure to carry tools, tubes, tires levers, and pumps with you.
You are advised to have your bicycle inspected at a cycle shop in advance and take out insurance.
・From this year, mechanics will not be available on the course. Please note that you shall be withdrawn from the event if you, your group leader, or any member of your group cannot repair bicycles.
・Floor pumps are available at the starting point and each aid station.
・Please note that services provided at the mechanic’s tent located at the starting venue are not free of charge; you will be responsible for paying the actual expenses for any services and spare parts.
・Many defective bicycles are identified every year. Therefore, we would like to ask you to have your bicycle inspected and maintained at a shop specializing in repairs and maintenance.
If you wish to withdraw from the event If you wish to withdraw from the cycling event, be sure to inform support staff or traffic control staff. If you cannot find support staff or traffic control staff, please directly contact the Secretariat. A rescue vehicle will take you to the finish area.
If you encounter participants involved in accidents or are injured. If you encounter anyone who is injured or lying on the ground, please inform support staff or traffic control staff.
Meals and Rest Two aid stations to assist participants are available on the course. Light meals and drinks are available at the aid stations. Please use the facilities for rest or rehydration. In addition, you should bring your own supplementary food and drinks with you.
Management of Your Bicycle Please take care of your bicycle by yourself by locking it to prevent theft when parked; never leave your bicycle unattended. The hosts shall not be responsible for any damage, theft, losses due to accidents.
Cancellation of or Any Changes to the Event In principle, the event shall be held rain or shine; however, if it is dangerous because of stormy weather, we may cancel or suspend the event. Moreover, the event may be cancelled or suspended because of earthquakes, incidents, or accidents. If the event is downsized or cancelled for reasons not attributable to the hosts or force majeure events such as stormy weather, earthquakes, incidents, and accidents, we cannot offer refunds of the participation fees. If the event is cancelled, we will make an announcement on our official website (this site) by 5:00 AM on the day of the event.


In participating in the Tour De Sanriku Cycling Challenge 2017 in Rikuzentakata, I pledge to comply with the terms and conditions of the event and agree to the following conditions.

·Obligation to comply with rules

I acknowledge that this is a cycling event where participants ride bicycles on local roads at their own risk and comply with traffic laws and regulations as well as all terms, conditions, and rules established by the hosts for the smooth operation of the event without becoming traffic obstacles. Moreover, I pledge to be personally responsible for my own safety and health by paying careful attention and to immediately withdraw from the event if I experience any physical problems.

·Understanding toward cycling and securing safety

I have experience cycling and understand that the event is held in a natural environment where conditions can change quickly; accordingly; participants' physical condition can change drastically. I also understand that the course is established in the broader area and relief an drescue efforts in emergencies may be delayed.

·Self-declaration on your health condition

I am currently in a good health and do not expect any problems that may prevent me from participating in the event. Moreover, I will inform the hosts of any need for emergency medical treatment due to an allergy and hypersensitivity, past illnesses, and religious and other reasons.

·Responsibility for self-management and consent to emergency treatment

I pledge that I shall participate in the event by taking due care to protect my health and safety at my own risk, and I shall not hold the hosts and the parties in charge responsible for any accidents involving me while cycling, regardless of the cause of the accident. Moreover, I shall accept the advice to withdraw from the event if the hosts deem it difficult for me to continue. I shall give my consent for medical treatment if I am injured, involved in an accident, or become ill during the event and have no objection to the methods and results of the treatment.

·Coverage for injuries and fatal accidents

I shall absolve all parties from responsibility for any injuries and aftereffects or death caused during the main or related events, regardless of causes. Moreover, I acknowledge that I shall be indemnified within the scope of the coverage of the insurance taken out for the event, and substitute participants shall not be covered by the insurance. Therefore, I hereby pledge that I will not, including my executor, trustee, successor, and next of kin, make any claim for compensation for damages and payments such as expenses of lawsuit and attorney fees.


I pledge that I will not hold the hosts responsible if any situations that prevent me from participating in the event arise owing to cancellation of the event or any changes for reasons not attributable to the hosts, including but not limited to, adverse weather conditions or riding environment and any loss or damage of equipment; furthermore, I will not claim compensation for any expenses required to participate in the event (including participation fees).

·Treatment of portrait right and personal information

I give my consent to the hosts and related parties to use my portrait, name, address, age, cycling history, and self-introduction on their websites, event pamphlet, PR materials for the event, media reports, and information media and to use the same for commercial purposes through printed materials and videos created by them and information media.

·Matters not stipulated in the written oath

I hereby agree that any questions that may arise in connection with the interpretation of this written oath shall be resolved based on rules related to the event. I also agree that the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for all disputes arising in connection with the event, and matters stipulated in this written oath shall be governed by the laws of Japan.